What is PictoVerb?

PictoVerb is an application for tablets and smartphones that transforms universally recognizable symbols into audio sentences, helping people with speech impairments communicate.

Who do we recommend it for?

To everyone - regardless of age - who are hindered in communication because of congenital or acquired conditions. PictoVerb has already given voice to people living with autism, aphasia or intellectual disabilities.

Where can I get the app?

PictoVerb has just become avaliable in English and can be downloaded from Google Play. Now we are working diligently on translations to other languages. If you would like to have PictoVerb in your language, contact us .

Technical requirements

PictoVerb runs on Android (>4.1) devices, both smartphones and tablets. The iOS version is being tested at the moment.The app will also be ported to Windows in the near future.