PictoVerb became available in English

PictoVerb became available in English and can be downloaded from Google Play.

Now we are working on translations to other languages. If you would like to have PictoVerb in your language, please contact us .

PictoVerb will shortly be available in your language!

We are working diligently on translating and releasing PictoVerb in English and in other languages.

So far PictoVerb has only been released in Hungary where it already has hundreds of users. Our goal is to make PictoVerb available in as many languages as possible. Please like us on facebook or contact us directly to not miss the multilingual release of PictoVerb.

PictoVerb in UNICEF's most important report

Balázs Zsombori’s essay about PictoVerb has been published in UNICEF's 2015 edition of The State of the World's Children.

We are really grateful to UNICEF for the opportunity. We believe it will play an important role in fulfilling our mission about which you can read in the essay: http://sowc2015.unicef.org/stories/giving-everyone-a-voice/